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Since 2015, book of articles "Sultanivski Chytannia" starts a new period of its existence. Our edition, which has been registered in International Сentre ISSN, changes its frequency of publishing, having become annual (i.e. it is published once a year, instead of once every two years, as in 2010-2014). Besides taking into account the current global trends in the area of testing research results, including requirements that apply to publications indexed in scientometric databases, the editorial board of the book of articles "Sultanivski Chytannia" changed the rules of submission of the articles, which can be found on the web-site of our edition:

Comparative literature

Botnarenko N. Features of Children’s Worldview in the Story V. Stefanyk «Сhildren’s Adventure» and Stories by A. Chekhov «Want to Sleep» (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Egorov B. Boris Chichibabin and Yuriy Kuznetsov: Сomparative Аnalysis (in Russian) Abstract Article

Koslyk I., Protsiv G. Comparative aspects of the investigation to prose of Osyp Nazaruk and Lion Feuchtwanger (in German) Abstract Article

Spatar I. Reception of the Image of Cassandra in the Same Name Dramas by Eliza Ozheshko and Lesya Ukrainka (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Tkachuk Т. Stanislaw Przybyszewski and Olha Kobylanska: to the Issue of Cultural Frontier (in Polish) Abstract Article

Ukrainian literature

Lyshak H. «Native Village» by Ivan Franko: A Study of One Poetic Text (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Oliander L. «I» and Environment in Serhiy Yefremov Diary (01.01.1895-04.02.1895): Problem of Self-identity, Person Formatting and Choice of Vital Position (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Shtolko M. «The Goldenest Island on Earth...»: (Sicily in the Life and Creativity Iryna Zhylenko) (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Slavonic literatures

Kazarin V., Novikova M. Ukrainian Context of M. Yu. Lermontov’s Creative Works (Some Methodological Aspects) (in Russian) Abstract Article

Kozlyk I., Ornat N. The Topos of the City in the Polish Writer’s Pola Goyavichynska «Girls from Novolipki» and «Heavenly Apple tree» (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Ostapchuk V. The Space of the Province and the Spaces of the Soul in the Story «Dancer-Girl» of O. Tokarchuk: to the Problem of the Self-Actualization (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Terekhovskaya A. Literary Polemics as One of the Key Factors of the Development of the Russian Literary Process of the First Quarter of the 19th Century (in Russian) Abstract Article

Literatures of Western Europe and the USA

Mintsys E. Paratextual Elements in Contemporary Romance (Based on Danielle Steel’s Novel «Message from Nam») (in English) Abstract Article

Pasternak I. Interfigurality in the System of Characters in Neil Gaiman’s Novel «American Gods» (in English) Abstract Article

Stulaw Ju. A. S. Pushkin in Mogilev from the Perspective of African American Writer John Oliver Killens (in Belarusian) Abstract Article

Yatskiv N. Impressionist landscapes in the novels of the Goncourt brothers (in French) Abstract Article

Methods of teaching literature

Pokatilova O. The Implementation of Culturological Approach in the Process of Studying World Literature at High School (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Rega D. The Use of Internet Resources in the Study of University Course «Czech Literature» (in Czech) Abstract Article

Safarian S. The role of Background Knowledge in School Literary Education Abstract Article

Tsiko I. The Work with the Original and the Translation in the Light of Ethnocultural Competence of the 5-7th Form Pupils Abstract Article