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Since 2015, book of articles "Sultanivski Chytannia" starts a new period of its existence. Our edition, which has been registered in International Сentre ISSN, changes its frequency of publishing, having become annual (i.e. it is published once a year, instead of once every two years, as in 2010-2014). Besides taking into account the current global trends in the area of testing research results, including requirements that apply to publications indexed in scientometric databases, the editorial board of the book of articles "Sultanivski Chytannia" changed the rules of submission of the articles, which can be found on the web-site of our edition:

Comparative literature

Matsenka S. Methodological issues of interartistic comparison (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Amineva V. Typological convergences and interliterary dialogues as concepts of comparative literary studies (in Russian) Abstract Article

Moklytsia M. Translation problems and language typology in recognition research methodology comparative (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Chervinska O., Dzyk R. Crystallization of writer’s method through the practice of literary translation (What shows the F. Dostoyevsky’s translation of Balzacian «Eugenie Grande» (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Khorob S. Cultural and national identity of literary-artistic texts: theoretical-methodological strategy of translating science of Volodymyr Derzhavyn (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Nabytovych I. Interdisciplinary strategies of comparative studies of Dariya Vikonska (on example of creation of James Joyce and Olexandr Arkhypenko) (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Kazarin V., Novikova M. Akhmatova. Dante. Crimea (To setting of problem) (in Russian) Abstract Article

Kravets' Ya. Mykola Hohol in Belgian Francophone publications (in Ukraininan) Abstract Article

Botnarenko N. Semantic of Artistic time in V. Stefanyk’s short story «She-earth» and A. Chekhov’s story «Boring story» (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Rega D. Visual experiments in the poetry by Mykhayl Semenko and Jaroslav Seifert: typological aspect (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Ostapchuk V. Ukrainian translatoins of Vislava Shimborska as reception: comparative dimension (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Nisevych S. The image of an artist in the interpreting space of the notion beaty (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Marchuk T. Figurative dominants of M. Kulish’s and Eu. O’Neill’s dramas in time and space coordinates (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Protsiv G. Creative means of national colouring in historical novels «Roksolana» by O. Nazaruk and «The Ugly Duches» by L. Feuchtwanger (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Ornat N. The archetype of mother in the novels by Pola Gojawiczyńska «The girls from Novolipki» and Iryna Vilde «Richynsky sisters» Abstract Article

Natiazhko S. Anna Gavalda and Oksana Zabuzhko: psychoanalytic aspect of modern female prose (in Ukrainian Abstract Article

Pasternak I. Mythological internext in Neil Gaiman’s «American gods» and in Liubko Deresh’s «The last love affair of Asure Maharaj» (in English) Abstract Article

Huliak T. The artistic pattern of the chronotop in the detective novels by I. Rozdobudko and D. L. Sayers: the comparative aspect (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Ukrainian literature

Omelchuk O. Specifics of the poetics of the early Valerian Polishchuk poems (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Karabowicz T.Religious motifs in the poetry of the «New York Group», as an important element of creativity and connection to Ukrainian literary tradition (in Polish) Abstract Article

Khorob Sol. Slavic fantasy genre: V. Areniev «The Devil’s Soul, or the Charmed Treasure» (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Slavonic literatures

Bogdanova O. A new interpretation of A. Chekhov’s short story «Ionych» (in Russian) Abstract Article

Literatures of Western Europe and the USA

Mikhailova M. Symbolist novel about French invasion into Russia written by Danish writer Sophus Michaelis (in Russian) Abstract Article

Sydor A. The notion of a big city in works of Charles Baudelaire (in French) Abstract Article

Vengrynovych N. Naturalistic symbols in the late 19th – early 20th century American novel (in English) Abstract Article

Methods of teaching literature

Matsevko-Bekerska L. Lecture as a methodical constant in teaching world literature (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article