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Since 2015, book of articles "Sultanivski Chytannia" starts a new period of its existence. Our edition, which has been registered in International Сentre ISSN, changes its frequency of publishing, having become annual (i.e. it is published once a year, instead of once every two years, as in 2010-2014). Besides taking into account the current global trends in the area of testing research results, including requirements that apply to publications indexed in scientometric databases, the editorial board of the book of articles "Sultanivski Chytannia" changed the rules of submission of the articles, which can be found on the web-site of our edition:

На пошану пам'яті Юрія Ібрагімовича Султанова


Bogdanova O., Oliander L. The musical text of «The Nose» by N. Gogol and D. Shostakovich (in Russian) Abstract Article

Matsenka S. Sung word for understanding Martin Luther’s music (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Kravets Ya. Belgian Francophone Literature Through the Literary Process in Ukraine (in French) Abstract Article

Kazarin V., Novikova M. «...Every ten years went / under the naghan» (A. A. Akhmatova-Horenko and sir Isaiah Berlin) (in Russian) Abstract Article

Halchuk O. World’s models in literary texts of 20th century: specifics of author’s variants (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Generaliuk L. Influence of the scientific and cultural paradigm of France on M. Voloshin’s philosophy of history (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Spatar I. «Tоne оf perpetual anguish» оr female melanchоly in the shоrt stоries «Ascetik» by Eliza Orzeszkowa and «Valse melanchоlique» by Olha Kоbylianska (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Marchuk T. The image of a fallen woman in the plays «Narodnyi Malakhii» by Mykola Kulish and «Anna Christie» by Eugene O’Neill (in English) Abstract Article

Bokshan H. The fairy mythologem in the novels «The enchannted musicians» by Halyna Pahutiak and «The unicorn» by Iris Murdoch (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Kit O. Concept of heroism in the fiction about Joan of Arc (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Netliukh Yu. Text as a dance in E. T. A. Hoffmann’s capriccio «Princess Brambilla» (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article


Hrecheshniuk O. A generational novel in modern German literature (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article


Bashkyrova O. The image of the femme fatale in modern Ukrainian novels (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Omelchuk O. M. Dolengo's literary criticism (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Fedko O. The representation of the author’s consciousness in L. Horlach’s verse novel «Mamai» (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article


Ihnativ N. Svitlana Alexievich’s documentary prose: problems and genreology (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Tychinina A. Transgression of epigraph into the structure of artistic integrity (practice of the modern Balkan literature) (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Gazheva I. The evening light in the works of F. M. Dostoyevsky (in Russian) Abstract Article

Hlukhovska O.-K. The image of wet snow in F. Dostoyevsky’s works «Crime and punishment» and «Notes from the underground» (in Russian) Abstract Article

Vinichenko V. Metamorphoses of the motif of solitude in N. Barshev’s works through intertextual prism (in Russian) Abstract Article


Devdiuk I. The semantics of space in the novel «Crome yellov» by Aldous Huxley (in English) Abstract Article

Dynnychenko T. Manifestarion of archetypes in the novel by A. France «The Gods Are Athirst» (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Vytrykush A. Discourse of Wold War 1 in Joseph Roth’s novel «The Emperor’s Tomb» (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Vorobei N. Homeland image in Herta Müller’s essay «Homeland or The Deception of Things» (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article