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Kofler D. The literary critical discourse of Tolkien works of fiction (in Ukrainian)

Цель The article deals with the analysis of the interpretation directions of Tolkien fiction works formed in a process of their scientific understanding. The actual aim of the article is to study the Tolkien heritage critical reception basic tendencies in Anglo-American, Russian (Soviet and post-Soviet) and Ukrainian literary criticism.

Исследовательская методика The basis of the research is systematic approach towards critical study of Tolkien works in their organic integrity. Such kind of approach gives the opportunity to analyse some links between critical thoughts present in different countries and thus to display some systematic patterns of the British author legacy ways of scientific interpretation.

Результаты The research demonstrates fundamental tendencies of Tolkien works interpretation in Anglo-American, Russian and Ukrainian literary critical study. On a basis of the analysis of currently existing Tolkien works critical reception such directions of the British author legacy scientific understanding are displayed: study of Tolkien fictional world as complete authoring mythological system; the origin of it’s images analysis; reader’s reception of this system as particular artistic reality which keeps the link with literary and cultural legacy of mankind.

Научная новизна It should be considered the attempt of tendencies characteristic of Anglo-American, Russian and Ukrainian Tolkien legacy critical reception in their development and correlation systematic analysis.

Практическое значени The article may serve for the further investigation of Tolkien works critical reception dynamics and filling.

Ключевые слова: critical reception, interpretation, authoring mythological system, direction of research.