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Savyuk A. Intertextual discourse of story «Opryshok» by L. von Sacher-Masoch (in Ukrainian)

Цель The article examines the intertextual space of story «Opryshok» by L. von Sacher Masoch. The aim of this study is to define the peculiarities of the intertextual discourse on the form and content levels.

Исследовательская методика The study is based on the intertextual approach which allows to consider the text in the light of dialogic interaction of literature. It is also applied contact-genetic and typological methods which help define the types of texts relations between.

Результаты Intertextual analysis of story «Opryshok» proves the presence in it a number of heterogeneous pretexts that are actualized in the form of allusions, details and quotational open borrowings. The specific feature of the intertextual space in the story is connected with the author's intentions to introduce the exotic Hutsul world in the context of its own «myth» of Western Europe, other national and cultural types; to show it in the context of etnic mutual reflection and perception.

Научная новизна For the first time it is analyzed story «Opryshok» from the perspective of its interaction with other texts. It is defined the types of relations and the levels of approaching to pretexts.

Практическое значени Research results indicate the relevance of intertextuality of the works by L. von Sacher-Masoch, which opens up the space for further literary studies in this direction.

Ключевые слова: intertextuality, dialogue, quotation, allusion, national type, pretext.