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Smushak T. Opposition «native / foreign» in the autobiographical novella of Natalena Koroleva «Without roots» and autobiographical novel of Irene Nemirovsky «The wine of solitude» (in Ukrainian)

Цель The article is devoted to the interpretation of artistic opposition «native / foreign» (based on the dual theme «homeland / foreign land») in the autobiographical novella of Ukrainian writer Natalena Koroleva «Without Roots» and the autobiographical novel of French novelist Irene Nemirovsky «The Wine of Solitude». The purpose of this article is to identify typological coincidences and differences in the representation of opposition «native / foreign» by the writers, who are of different national and linguistic origin.

Исследовательская методика The study is based on comparative approach applying comparative-and-typological, biographical, psychoanalytic, contextual-and-interpretive methods.

Результаты The article proved that between the compared works there is a number of consonant poetical-and-composite schemes at a certain level, as well as some differences due to specific ideologies and artistic intentions of the writers.

Научная новизна For the first time in Ukrainian literary criticism binary opposition «native»/«foreign» in the works «Without Roots» and «The Wine of Solitude» was studied applying comparative method.

Практическое значени This article can be used for further study of Ukrainian and French literary processes of the first half of the twentieth century, including works of Natalena Koroleva and Irene Nemirovsky.

Ключевые слова: opposition, «native / foreign», «homeland / foreign land», maladaptation, estrangement.