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Since 2015, book of articles "Sultanivski Chytannia" starts a new period of its existence. Our edition, which has been registered in International Сentre ISSN, changes its frequency of publishing, having become annual (i.e. it is published once a year, instead of once every two years, as in 2010-2014). Besides taking into account the current global trends in the area of testing research results, including requirements that apply to publications indexed in scientometric databases, the editorial board of the book of articles "Sultanivski Chytannia" changed the rules of submission of the articles, which can be found on the web-site of our edition:

Comparative literature

Alexandrova G. Scientific heritage of Pavlo Fylypovych: theory and practice of comparative studies (in English) Abstract Article

Yatskiv N. Determinism of the image of prostitute in the works by Goncourt brothers and Panas Myrny (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Mocherniuk N. Italy in the Sviatoslav Hordynsky’s works (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Soletskyi O. The texts of Hryhoriy Skovoroda in the context of the European emblematic tradition (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Turchanska O. Artistic peculiarities of the feminist idea in Virginia Woolf’s essay «The room of one’s own» and Olha Kobylianska’s humoresque «He and she»: comparative and typological aspect (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Ostapchuk V. The difficulties of the confessional texts’ translations (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Botnarenko N. Interpretation of the motif of death in V. Stefanyk’s short story «Executed himself» and A. Chekhov’s story «Melancholy» (in Russian) Abstract Article

Rega D. Avant-garde tendencies in Ukrainian and Czech literatures in 1920–1930: historical and typological dimension (in English) Abstract Article

Smushak T. Opposition «native / foreign» in the autobiographical novella of Natalena Koroleva «Without roots» and autobiographical novel of Irene Nemirovsky «The wine of solitude» (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Ukrainian literature

Omelchuk O. The problem of sound texture of the literary material in theoretical reflections of Valerian Polishchuk (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Slavonic literatures

Bogdanova O. The short story «Man in a case» by A. Chekhov: a new look at heroes (in Russian) Abstract Article

Kazarin V., Novikova M. «...Terrible accursed buzzing». (Riddles Akhmatova one octave) (in Russian) Abstract Article

Oliander L. Cheslav Milos book «Captive mind» and way for thought and creativity liberation (in Russian) Abstract Article

Literatures of Western Europe and the USA

Stulov Yu. The invisible throught the visible: the novel «All the light we cannot see» by Anthony Doerr (in Belarusian) Abstract Article

Malyshivska I. Existentialism as the dominant component of the fictional reality in Colin Wilson’s novel «The mind parasites»: intertextual analysis (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Kofler D. The literary critical discourse of Tolkien works of fiction (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Kohan R. «Self – solitude – seclusion»: paradoxes of childhood joy in Anna Gavalda’s «95 Pounds of Hope» (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Savyuk A. Intertextual discourse of story «Opryshok» by L. von Sacher-Masoch (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

East literature

Obykhvist M. The reception of female characters in the novel by Mo Yan «Big breasts and wide hips» Abstract Article

Methods of teaching literature

Kutsevol O. Innovative types of tutorials for professional and methodological training of future teachers of Ukrainian literature (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article

Terekhovska O. Synthetic novel as one of the leading genres of European literature of the Renaissance period (studymaterials) (in Ukrainian) Abstract Article