Book of articles

Ethic obligations of the editorial board

passage copied out of the international norms accepted by COPE

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  1. All the materials sent to the editorial board go through the unbiased selection and are reviewed regardless of religious, racial and national origin of the author, his place of work and position. The editorial board has the right to return the article for revision or reject it. The author has to make the revision of the article according to the comments of the reviewer and/or editor.
  2. Responsibility for the acceptance or rejection of the article lies on the editor. In making decisions regarding specific articles editor must take into account the opinion of the reviewer regarding its quality. The editor may reject the article if he believes it does not meet the requirements of the book of articles.
  3. The editor should respect the author's right of intellectual property. Editors should not provide information concerning the content of the article to anyone, who is not involved in the reviewing process. The article is published in printed and electronic edition after the editor takes a positive decision.
  4. The author may demand that the editor should not involve certain peer-reviewers in consideration of manuscripts. Editor must consider the wishes of the author, however the final decision is taken by the editorial board.
  5. If a member of the editorial board is the author of the manuscript, the editorial board delegates his editorial authority in respect of the offered material to another qualified person.
  6. Any reproduction of the materials published in the book of articles in electronic or printed form without a written permission of the editorial board and the authors is prohibited.

Ethic obligations of the authors

passage copied out of the international norms accepted by COPE

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  1. Research should be carried out in accordance with ethical standards and the current legislation. The structure of the articles must meet the current formal requirements, in particular it must include the information on the relevance of research, its place in the context of current trends in the certain scientific field and the value of results of the investigation.
  2. Investigations should be carried out carefully, using appropriate methods of analysis. The authors are solely responsible for the content and formatting of their articles. Notification on results of the study should be complete, clear and reliable and provide references to available sources of information.
  3. The authors should cite the key sources of information and the earlier works that are decisive for the understanding of the study. Citations from the works should be accurate.
  4. The references to the publications which had not been studied by the author should not be used in the articles.
  5. New discoveries must be submitted in the context of previous studies. Scientific review of previous studies should be carried out fairly, objectively and in a balanced way, regardless of whether they confirm or deny the hypothesis of the author.
  6. The authors should stick to the requirements on the originality of their works. It is not allowed to submit for publication the articles previously published in any language. The authors should not submit the manuscripts describing the investigation results that were published in the earlier works, unless they present a wider variant of investigation with more clear and accurate results. In this case the author should refer to the primary publication.
  7. Authors should follow the current legislation on the intellectual property protection. The use of any information belonging to other authors is permitted only with adherence to the current legislation.

Ethic obligations of the reviewers

  1. The submitted materials are reviewed on the basis of their objective characteristics. The reviewer appointed by the editorial board should not have any personal and/or professional ties with the author of the article submitted for review. Positive decisions on the publication of articles are taken, if the articles meet the standards publication of the book of articles.
  2. Reviewer’s remarks should be clearly stated and reasoned.
  3. In case of conflict of interests the paper is submitted for the further review to the third party.